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About Karen Cotton


For more than a decade, I have been working with businesses in a range of sectors (from materials handling to wet leisure) - supporting them in meeting their B2B marketing goals.

I am an NCTJ-accredited journalist with an eye for what sells a story (and what stories sell). 

My sole aim is to maximise exposure for my client's products and services through carefully crafted content for print, digital and social. 

I am as equally at home writing technical specifications as I am with developing engaging feature articles and thought-leading pieces that hook an editor's attention.   What's more,  I understand the real gains to be had from tailoring tone and content to suit your specific audience(s).  

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Gears working together

No one likes to be told how to 'suck eggs' or, worse still, to have their time wasted... Whatever your audience, KC Copywriting will work with you to speak their language... and give your specialist B2B audiences the special attention they deserve. 

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KC Copywriting is available to support your marketing goals - whether you're just starting out or a long-established brand. We will work with you to target your markets - to take your business to the next level.  

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Whether you're looking to refresh your content, share your latest news, or support new products, services or campaigns, then get in touch.

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